Thanks for a great article. It really helps putting things in perspective. Personally, I always had love-hate relationship with the MVP term. It's like there's something intuitively right about the original concept, but fundamentally wrong about how people were using it. I wrote about it quite recently in my own post:

"Ries has further coined the term Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as a way to translate the step of ‘experiment building’ into the practical aspect of product management and software development. Unfortunately, while the theory behind both movement is solid, it didn’t succeed, in my view, to fix the bias of ‘engineering-first’ of most startups and MVP has became one of the least-understood and most-abused term in the history of software, often translated into ‘let’s build a buggy low-quality product, because we will have to rewrite it anyhow soon’."

I’m passionate about product, strategy and innovation.

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